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Formed in a cesspit of post-university malaise,
TV COMA are a power pop band based in Brighton. After gaining coverage on Spotify playlist “Hot New Bands”, Radio X, BBC Introducing, Louder and Fresh On The Net, the band is gearing up for the release of WUSS, their debut full length album. WUSS is named after an essay by Bret Easton Ellis called "Generation Wuss" which criticizes the millennial generation. TV COMA re-appropriates this word via the medium of punk-flecked millennial pop songs, drawing from the personal experiences of co-frontmen and siblings Max and Leo Troy. Delving into the psychology of the disoriented 20-to-30 year old, WUSS is both scathing and empathetic, laying bare all facets of a generation left blinking at the lights of a rapidly changing world that they helped create, but no longer understand. 

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